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ankit Sharma

Director | Posted 19 Nov, 2018 |

Will be surprised if Kohli quit cricket ?

Gaurav vashisht

Blogger | Posted 06 Apr, 2020

Do you think fan following of Sachin or regard for him is going down after retirement. I don't think along these lines, since he is a legend and he will be perpetually cherished.

I'm not fanatic of Virat Kohli however I have tremendous regard for him. Reason is basic that the enthusiasm which he has committed in cricket is stunning. I have never observed any such player who buckles down. His wellness level is consistently, best case scenario level and this is the explanation he is the best cricketer in world.

Vasanthi Gopalan

Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | |Updated 22 Nov, 2018

I think your question is about the comments by Pat Cummins of Australia.  Before leaving to Australia for a 3 T20s, 4 test matches and 3 ODIs Indian captain Virat Kohli said in the media that he realised that he doesn't need to get into confrontations to get a feel of the game. Kohli also said India would not start any verbal spat with Australia, but his team would give it back if Australia provokes his team.

 While replying to Virat Kohli's statement Australian pace bowler Pat Cummins said he won't buy Kohli's words. Cummins said that he (Kohli) is so competitive that he really succeed on this verbal confrontation. Adding more Pat Cummins said that he will be surprised if Virat Kohli keeps quiet. Cummins added that Australia will hold the ground  in case of any verbal bombardment from Virat Kohli.

Cummins also said that people will see a lot of passion from both the sides. But this Australia-India series won't be super blazing like it was a couple of years back.

India Australia ground relations hit a low when Steve Smith was captain 2 years back. He was looking at his dressing room for help in a decision of review call. Later he said that it was brain fade moment . Smith was even called as cheater in that time. In the South Africa- India series South Africans did not mingle with Kohli. And England series was also went quietly.

Everybody is eagerly waiting to watch the fantastic matches between the 2 super good teams, India and Australia. Even if there is verbal fight it will be interesting only.

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