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Would a police officer pretending to be another police officer get charged for impersonating a police officer?


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I would say it depends on the specifics/wording of the sculpture and intent of the offender- however possibly Yes, it's a criminal offense to impersonate an officer, a federal officer or worker, or the other public official. though the laws vary from state to states, many countries conjointly think about it a criminal offense to use instrumentality employed by enforcement officers, like red and blue flashing lights. It conjointly could also be a criminal offense to flash a faux police badge. Possession of a piece can also enhance the penalty for false impersonation of an officer. 
There are a unit several incidences everywhere the country wherever individuals faux to be officer has tried to commit such crime everywhere the globe.  
let’s look a number of them: - 
  Source: - longisland. news12 

This was a case from big apple wherever a person has been inactive when allegedly pretence to be an officer and so making an attempt to tug over the particular police. He was driving and tried to induce another driver to believe they'd been stopped by a machine. 

The following impersonations category because the offence:  

1. Verbal identification: The deceiver announces to the unsuspecting victim that they're a law officer or different enforcement agent. 
2. Fake Badge or Warrant card: The deceiver, though' not in any special garments, displays a police-like badge or identification card to the victim. Sometimes, even a true law officer won't even be able to differentiate between the important and pretend badge, as some duplicates square measure terribly like a true badge, if not the image of one. this is often way more of a drag within the USA than within the GB, as within the GB, police identification includes photographic ID furthermore because the police protect, whereas within the USA, a police protect alone counts as ID, creating it easier for folks to fake to be law enforcement officials. 
3. Fake uniform: The deceiver wears an identical that appears greatly like that of a law officer. 
4. Fake vehicle: The deceiver places police lights (these is either for good mounted onto the automobile or temporary lights magnetically connected to the cartop), decals, siren, or different instrumentation on a private vehicle to disguise it as a motorcar and alter the bad person to tolerate red traffic lights, bypass traffic different non-emergency traffic would got to look ahead to, build traffic stops, or perhaps arrests. 


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