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Shiv Shivaay

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10 Power Questions to Improve Your Personal Development?


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The great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” And to know ourselves, we need to question ourselves.

Yes, it is true psychologically that your personality development can be improved if you are asking these 10 questions to yourself:

What would my life be like if I were to go easier on myself?

Some of us are too hard on ourselves, and some are just as careless as anything. Our attitude towards ourselves determine the attitude of other towards us. So how carelessly, or leniently, or strictly you treat yourself would definitely impact your personality.

Who can I forgive?

Being forgiving is a virtue, and if you can’t forgive you can’t love. But not everyone deserves to be forgiven as that would straightway, mean lack of self-dignity in you. So you need to be very clear about who according to your understanding and standards, needs to be forgiven and who doesn’t.

What can I learn from this?

This is one of the most important question you will have to ask everything at every new stage of your life. Be it while taking some course, while getting into some job, while doing some internship, or while travelling –whatever you do has to have a purpose which should be your growth of experiences. This leads to learning and that’s what adds substantiality to your life.

What would my perfect day look like?

This question will help you setting your boundaries. The key to happiness is contentment which comes only when you know how much is just enough for you. So if you are able to think of all the things that would be enough to make your existence perfect, you will not only just have a goal in your life but a path too that you will be sure of taking you to happiness.


Would I Rather Be Right Or Be Loved?

Again, a very important question to decide your degree of individuality. Being true to yourself is the most essential thing to lead a good life, and that also demands standing by your own side even when whole world is against you. If you can do that, you can do anything.

Who Am I Becoming?

If your perfect day determines your destination, this question will determine your journey. How is your each step affecting you and leading you to become is an important question for self-awareness.

Do I Like Myself?

Self-awareness includes self-love and without self-love you can’t love anyone. Self-love is a key ingredient for the making of a person. So the sooner you get the answer to this question, the better.

What Matters Most? Why?

Because setting priorities in life will help you clear away the hurdles that are restricting you achieve your destination.

Am I Expressing Love In My Life?

Giving love is as important as demanding love. Able to feel and give love makes you a better human, and if you are not capable of doing so, there’s something wrong in the way you are leading your life.

What makes me angry?

This question will help you set your life values. This will determine what is your tolerance, what ideologies are acceptable to you, and what all in the society in unbearable for you.


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