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4 reasons Trump thinks NFL players are a good target?


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A couple of months back, Hunter Felt wrote an incredible piece on The Guardian titled: How the NFL bumbled its way into becoming Trump’s most reliable target. You should definitely give it a read!!

Coming to your question, I am not sure about “4 reasons”, BUT certainly NFL players are a good target to President Donald Trump. 

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While it wasn’t something that he planned, how things panned out after Kaepernick kneeled in one of the matches played in his favor among his supporters to instigate the nationalists vs. anti-nationalists debate. (Something that us Indians aren’t very unfamiliar with.) 

And ever since then, he has been hell-bound on this topic, making it the biggest thing that’s happening in the country. And it’s now almost a classic act of political distraction. (Read NYT’s 2009 interesting article on this: The Art of Political Distraction

President Donald Trump wants attention off the important topics—right from social injustices to his flawed foreign policies. So, he always returns back to his favorite punchbags—NFL and CNN. I guess this is your reason #1. 

trump-targetting-nfl-players-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Mercury News)

President Trump is a white supremacist. So, it’s very likely that he dislikes black people. And given the fact that majority of these players partaking in the kneel-campaign are black, he has more reasons to bash them freely. That’s your reason #2. 

President Trump doesn’t really have the intellect, knowledge, and composure to talk on important issues. So, most of the times either he’s being a narcissist or talking trash about NFL players and CNN. That’s reason #3. 

Of course, to get the mainstream attention, you need to be in toe-to-toe with big names. I mean, President Donald Trump wouldn’t get as much attention (and favoritism of his supporters) if he was bashing a regular dude from Ohio as someone big like Colin Kaepernick. So, there you go, that’s your reason #4. 

Hope the answer answered your question.


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