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7 great online tools and apps for travel bloggers?


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There are literally tens of tools and apps that travel bloggers usually use; one, as a traveler, and second, as a blogger.


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So, it’s really hard to pinpoint 7 great online tools and apps for travel bloggers. At large, it depends on one’s needs, preference and priority. However, having done some traveling myself and being friends to a few travel bloggers, here are some tools that I would recommend everyone: 

i) OYO Rooms: If you’re traveling in India, OYO rooms is a go-to to book hotel rooms. But when traveling abroad (particularly West), Airbnb is a decent option for accommodation, provided you do your research correct. 

ii) Google Map: Duh, this one is quite obvious; one of the must-have apps for travel bloggers in fact. You always must know where you are and where you’re going. 

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iii) A Good Camera App: There are many! So, I’ll leave it to you which one do you want to download. 

iv) Snapseed: It’s one of the best photo-editing tools on mobile. Even professional photographers use it. It’s easy to use and can give your picture a new definition in just a matter of a few minutes. 

v) WhatsApp: Again, quite an obvious one. You need to be in contact with your friends and family all the time. So, an IM app like WhatsApp can make things so much easier by keeping you connected 24/7. Also, if you want, you can also share your live location with anyone through it. 

vi) Google Pay: You cannot entirely rely on cash and credit card. You never know when they are stolen! Google Pay is a good alternative to make payments/transactions online through UPI. Quick, simple and secure. 

vii) Hootsuite: Since a blogger, you would need to stay in touch with your audience all the time. Hootsuite, one of the best social media management tools out there, is possibly a go-to for this. 


viii) Safeture: I have heard so much about this app in recent times. Not sure though how well it works in India. It’s basically a safety and security management platform, designed uniquely for travelers. Among many features, it can give you local news, fast information, and the ability to send SOS message. 

These are 7 (+1) tools and apps for travel bloggers that I would prioritize atop. Good luck!


1)  Trip Journal

Trip Journal is a great app that helps every travel blogger to be efficient. With Trip Journal you can track your travel, keep a record of your destinations, add photos and make notes if required. The best thing about Trip Journal is that it is integrated with Google Earth; thereby your followers can see your trip route. You can easily export your content and travel information and share your traveling experience. This is an amazing app that works great with Android and iOS systems.


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Today`s tech age, it really pays to employ every tech tidbit available that may work in your favour. Today the answer to every problem can be solved with this solution: “We`ve got an app for that!” navigating the global unknowns is no exception to this rule. Travelling is always fun, but reducing the stresses through some good app choices can go a long way toward having the trip of a lifetime. After all, who doesn’t want to spend less time managing messes and more time making memories?

App to be in the know:

Packing Pro :
If you`re like me, you hate to pack, and with airline restrictions on weight and numbers of bags, deciding what to bring certainly hasn`t gotten easier. Therefore, it helps to have an app that makes this necessity a bit easier. Packing Pro can help you create a list of what to pack from scratch. Or, if you suffer from packers block, you can use a set packing template with categories for men, women, business trips, camping, and more. You can also create a collection of reminders to include things you often forget, such as socks or the often-abandoned phone charger. This app also reminds you to lock up valuables and buy travel insurance, which is a nice safety net should the unthinkable happen.

Mint :
When you finally decide on your dream vacation, you need to have a plan to fund it. Mint can help you create a budget to set aside money travel and also help you track your spending while you see the world. Mint is also synonymous with privacy protection. Money can`t be moved within the app and your data is protected by banking-level encryption.

App to be a travel pro:

Flight Track Pro:
Airline apps are always a good investment, as staying updated on fluid status of flight times and seat assignments is critical to maximize your travel effectiveness. Flight track pro gives you airport terminal maps, gate numbers, and updates flight times so you always have the most current status on your airline adventure. This trusty app even looks at past historical data can forecast delays for certain flight plans. It also utilizes Seat Guru’s seat charts to show you the best seats for leg room and amenities.

Lookout Mobile Security:
Are you worried about losing your Android phone or your information on it? Then this app will give you the peace of mind you seek. Lookout regularly backs up the data on your phone and allows you access to it from the web. This little security gem also scans for malware to protect your data. And, in case you lose it, you can access an online tracking feature to find it quickly.

Spotify :
Need some tunes to stay entertained on the plane? This great music-streaming app allows you to create playlists for a database sporting 15 million songs. You can download your music to your phone to save for times you are offline for some in-flight entertainment. You can either pay a $10 per month subscription fee or simply purchase track lists to your computer individually.

Kindle :
Need some reading material while you fly the friendly skies? You don`t need to waste precious carry on space with bulky books. Now, you can read any book from your PC from the e-book marketplace. To make your reading experience more personalized, you can highlight, change font size, page colour, orientation, bookmark and look up definitions. This is a great app to bring an amazing e-book library right to your fingertips.


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