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After becoming Deputy Prime Minister, do you think Amit Shah will be next PM of India after Narendra Modi?


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Yes, there's a very good chance that that's exactly what might happen…

Unless there's a conflict of interest among other ministers and BJP members.
While Amit Shah has long been known as the political Chanakya or an election machine, his ambitions had been to be more than just that.

(Courtesy: NDTV)

In 2017, there were murmurs that Amit Shah wanted to leave BJP's president post and take Gujarat's Chief Minister role. However, PM Modi didn’t agree to that. He, instead, was made the Rajya Sabha member. In the following months, he virtually took over Arun Jaitley, conceding to latter's deteriorating health, becoming the party's most prominent voice in the upper house.

And now, Amit Shah is in Modi cabinet, handling the home ministry portfolio. Although not formal, he is only next to PM Modi in this government, also playing an unnamed Deputy Prime Minister.

So, his ambitions, which is often a topic of conversation among Lutyens and those in the higher echelon, is decentlyevident: he wants to be the Prime Minister of India.

By the end of this term, after completing his 10 years in the government, Narendra Modi would be 73 years old.

He and his party members have often contended that people more than 75 years should proactively give up their positions from government office. Keeping that word, Narendra Modi would want to step down from active politics.

So, the next in line, as to how it looks now, is definitely Amit Shah. Moreover, unlike Advani who wanted to be the PM over Narendra Modi, Amit Shah enjoys massive support from RSS. So, he's likely to be pitched as the next Prime Minister of India rather easily.

Of course, in this government, and the BJP, there would be many who dreams for Prime Ministerial role.

Yogi Adityanath is another contender. There's a good chance that if the idea of Radical Hindutva takes over the country by 2024, UP CM Yogi

Adityanath could be pitched as the nextPrime Minister of India.

Rajnath Singh is another popular name.

And then, of course, there's Nitin Gadkari. In case, if BJP doesn't get the majority in General Election 2024 and they are pushed for a coalition, Nitin Gadkari could be emerge strong for the role of Prime Minister of India, given his non-radical image and rapport with the members of the other parties.

But, all in all, I do believe that Amit Shah could be the next Prime Minister of India if BJP comes back in power. 


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