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Anurag Mishra

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any one can tell me how to get more traffic over social media optimization?


Digital Marketing Company | Posted on

You can easily increase your website traffic through social media platforms. There are some activities on the daily:

1. create your business social account.

2. Share posts on social media platforms on a daily basis.

3. share attractive and informative content like images, videos, blogs and etc.

4.join Your niche groups.

5. Share your post on niche-specific groups.

6. Make sure about your content quality images, blogs, videos.

7. Run your product add on social media by targeting the audience.

8. Fill your website link in your social profiles.

These are some tips to generate traffic from social media.


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Let me understand this correctly…

You want to optimize social media so as to drive more traffic to your website.


If so, to drive traffic to your site, you need to do more than optimization. You need to “manage” your profiles.

Optimization helps when you’re trying to get people like/follow your pages and engage with your content. To source out their attention from your posts to your site requires proper management and a strategy.

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Now, understand that social media companies don’t want their users to leave their sites and go somewhere else. That’s in their best interest.

(There’s a reason, after all, why posts with links have so smaller reach!)

This means redirecting your audience from your social media to your website is difficult. And this is true for almost all major platforms – from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Pinterest.

That said though, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can drive more traffic to your website. Here’s how…

Get more followers/likes

This is quite fundamental. You cannot expect lots of engagement and traffic redirect if you have only a few hundred followers/likes.

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The more followers/likes you have, the higher the chances of getting traffic boost to your site.

So, this should be the foremost priority for you: Get more followers/likes.


1. You website is likely getting some traffic. Ask these visitorsto connect with you on social media. Use pop-ups, sliders and other plugins to ask them this. 

2. On social media, go to different pages/profiles and leave relevant comments. Do this every day; leave about 30-50 meaningful comments. If people find them helpful, your brand traction will improve. This will increase your followers/likes. (This is one of the most effective methods really.)

3. Ask your fans/followers to share your content. When they share, their friends and families will come like/follow your page.

(Courtesy: Tech Knowlogy)

4. Invest in paid ads. This almost guarantees to increase the number of your followers/likes in a rather quick span.

Now you have a good following on your social media, next is the task of engagement. You’ve got to keep these people engaged with your brand.

1. Post regularly. Like VERY regularly and in a defined interval. Post multiple times a day.

2. Post relevant content… content that these people are here for.

3. Post interesting images and videos.

4. Encourage people to leave comments. Ask them questions. Ask for their opinions. Ask them to tag.

5. Respond to every comment and message. People would engage with your content if they see you, too, want to engage back.

6. Again, invest in paid ads. Boost your individual posts.
Now you have good engagement on your page. Time to drive more traffic to your website.

(Courtesy: TechGenyz)

Follow these 5 tips:
1. DO NOT push links in every post. You need to understand that people don’t want to leave their feeds. So, when they do see your links, there’s a very little chance they would click on that.

2. DO NOT push too many links. Their organic reach is very less. And when you’re over-doing this, it will collectively decline the organic reach of your page/profile.

3. Post links with interesting video/image.

4. Post link with the relevant caption.

5. Give the audience a solid reason why they should click on the link. Your value proposition must be relevant and strong enough.

Remember, engagement and traffic generation on social media becomes relatively easier if you enjoy good brand recognition and value. So, make sure your social media marketing strategy is closely integrated with branding.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Today, you don’t necessarily have to get people on social media to go to your site. Why do you want to do that? For them to consume your content? To collect their emails? To get them to purchase your products? You can do all these right on the social media platform itself. Many platforms offer such options. So, you don’t have to bug your audience every time with the prompt to go to your site.

Hope this answer helps.


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