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leena legants

Blogger | Posted 16 Nov, 2018 |

Are ramdev baba products good?

Jeetendra gautam

Blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018

Some of them are really good .

neha chauhan

Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission... | Posted 18 Nov, 2018

We all know have heard about the famous personality yog guru baba ramdev, and his renowned company patanjali. The advertisement flashes “ swadeshi product” but is that really swadeshi? Patanjali is not a full fledged manufacturer, It’s a marketing company, which out sources its manufacturing to other approved parties or manufacturers and then supplies and markets the products under its brand name- Patanjali.

( ) 

People believe that patanjali products are ayurvedic, but the facts have proved the toxicated and induced chemical are used without measurement and tested on humans blindly made comments on good for health. Shamelessly copied content from google. Many cosmetics are highly contempt ed and contains neurotoxic chemicals.

People have posted many comments and lot of discussions are going on whether the products are genuine or fake which you can avail from the source :- (

There was also news published in about the patanjali products. The district food safety and standards department conducted a raid at Ramdev producing unit, settled in Haridwar, on August sixteen and picked up samples of the many product.
 “The department has charged Patanjali written material Ltd of "misbranding" and "misleading".
The food safety and standards department maintain that several of the product like mustard oil and salt area unit factory-made outside Uttarakhand and therefore the Patanjali written material simply will the selling

On the other hand some people really find patanjali products genuine, cost effective and ready to use without any complaints. Patanjali has captured the most of the market in FMCG goods and now they have also launched with the clothing brand. Even the comparison of prices of the products is bit cheap compared to other FMCG brands like HUL, P&G.
But this is never ending debate, every customer has their own perception for products.