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Are there Dalits who are Vaishnavas?


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Everybody can be a vaishnava paying little heed to birth.

The deciple of Yamunacharya, Marneri Nambi and deciple of Ramanuja, Dhanurdhar das were probably the best vaishnava, all things considered.

It was holy person Ramanuja who originally permitted passage of dalits into sanctuaries and even Narendra had applauded Ramanuja 2 years before from Red Fort for this very explanation. The considerations of Ramanuja were much relatively revolutionary.

Ravidas, Kabir and so on were other Sri Vaishnavas from North whose body had a place with Dalit people group.

It is to be noticed that none of them ever broke the constraints of Varnashrama dharma. Each Vaishnava is to be regarded and paid obesciences yet dharma must be followed according to one's body.

The distinctions are normal yet their should be no segregation.

In light of the lessons of Ramanuja, his 172 ft long STATUE OF EQUALITY is being implicit Hyderabad.



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