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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted | Entertainment

Are you also disappointed with Game of Thrones Season 8?


Student (Delhi University) | Posted

Right now all the Game of Thrones fans are extremely sad and the reasons are not very hard to guess. For one thing, the rightfully hyped series finally came to an end and for another, the end left almost everyone quite dissatisfied. And to some extent, disappointed as well.

The plot of the last episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 needs no retelling, I guess. All the reactions and memes circulating on social media have already saved us that effort. 


Episode 6 of the 8th season of Game of Thrones unfolds with Tyrion seeing the dead bodies of his siblings, Jamie and Cersei, and confirming their death. That’s the moment when he decides that Daenerys Targaryen cannot be the queen of the Iron Throne now, the Mad Queen as she has become in her quest of “breaking the wheel” of the power of the Throne.

Dany in this episode, is shown with her army and dragon. She plans to Break the Wheel along with her army but a different fate awaits her. She meets her death by the hands of her own lover and nephew, Jon Snow. Aegon Targaryn or Snow, kisses her queen and stabs her. In the ***** of the episode, Drogon burns the Iron Throne, thus breaking the wheel finally on the behalf of his mother. Tyrion chooses Bran Stark as king and it is revealed that Bran has done everything till now to make his way to the Iron Throne.


The writers of the season gave it a sort of happy ending with a poetic justice, but for fans, this justified and happy ending is rather negative. Fans expected a different fate for Jon Snow than just seeing him go back to the Night Watch after all the revelations that were made regarding his identity.

Jon Snow comes as a truly tragic character and even the fate of other important characters like Khaleesi and Cersei should have been at least a bit more glorious. Talking of other characters, Bran came out to be the strongest and the most savage one, which distorts his innocent image that fans were grown accustomed to love.

Other beloved character, Arya Stark is also not dealt with properly. She decides to take seafaring and explore the west of Westeros. As Game of Throne ends, it is only Bran, Sansa, Tyrion and the council of Bran who satisfy us somewhat with their positions in the end. Questions which were created throughout the series regarding other characters were left unanswered and no one could do anything about that in the end.

The ending moral, that Bran can’t have children and hence the wheel has actually broken is justified, but too good for a series which has offered us so many cunning plots and brutal acts in its last seven seasons. We expected the finale to be grander than what it was, and the saddest part is we now don’t have anything to look forward to.   


seo analyst | Posted

I have game of thrones but i dont know how to play? Any one can explain it?


B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted

Yes, highly disappointed. I just don’t know how to react about how the events have turned out to be in this season. Such a poor script writing and equally poor execution.

 I don’t think I need to mention how disappointing everyone is with how the incidents of this much- anticipated series progress as it reaches the final episode of its finale season.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: W Magazine)

To talk about episodes 3, 4, and 5, of Game of Thrones let’s just say the level of disappointment increases as we move from one episode to the other.

In episode 3, as Winterfell prepares for the war against the Night King, fans are left with mixed feelings. The happiness is for the beastly and courageous role that Arya plays to kill the Night King with the dragon glass and the disappointment is for such an easy death which Night King receives. All the character build-up that was done in the 7 seasons concludes so hastily, that it leaves everyone dissatisfied.

Most importantly, no important character dies in this episode except Sir Jorah and Theon.

Other glorious incidents that are worth recalling again and again are, one, in which Sansa tells Tyrion “you were the best of them” and two, in which Lady Mormont kills the giant in the army of dead.

Episode 4 lowers our expectations further as the army of Winterfell moves to King’s Landing and Jamie again turns loyal to his sister Cersei. These incidents happen after Jon has told his sisters Arya and Sansa that he is a Targaryn, despite Daenerys Targaryen’s warnings. This normalized episode increased everyone’s curiosity for the penultimate episode of the series, and the fans finally hoped for getting the answers they have been waiting for since seven seasons.

Much to everyone’s dissatisfaction, Cersei and Jamie died a rather unglorified and undeserved death in episode 5, and Khaleesi finally goes mad, burning all the King’s Landing to ashes.

Fans have literally called this episode as the worst thing in the history of all the seasons of Game of Thrones.
Finally Jamie rings the bell telling everyone that King’s Landing and the Iron Throne belong to Daenerys Targaryen now.

After episode 5, all the questions still stand unanswered. Nothing was shown about Bran who is the three-eyed-driven from whom everyone had a lot of expectations. Tyrion and Jon Snow are shocked because of what has become of King’s Landing, and the character development of seven seasons bear no satisfactory fruits.

What we expected was Arya Stark killing Daenerys Targaryen to occupy the Iron Throne, and a lot more to happen, which had been left until now just like that, but nothing happened to our satisfaction.


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