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Becca Hair and Beauty

Hairdresser | Posted 13 Oct, 2020 |

Can Adding Colour Damage My Hair?

mudas saraziz

Blogger | Posted 21 Oct, 2020

Hair color can dry out your hair, yet it can likewise make your hair become fragile and break in the event that you try too hard on compound cycles. To shield your hair from getting excessively get and breaking dry, you should condition consistently, and utilize a profound molding cover when shading.

talha axhar

SEO expert | Posted 21 Oct, 2020

Ya definitely

singha kash

Blogger | Posted 17 Oct, 2020

The utilization of dye creates a shading impact by oxidizing the hair follicles. This not just harms the regular condition of the hair yet in addition eliminates the dampness from the hair follicles. Besides, it can additionally prompt dryness, breakage, and split finishes

Amy Santiago

@Amy | Posted 15 Oct, 2020

Hair colors can extremely damage your hair. I had to face the same issue. So, now I go for virgin hair extensions If I want to add some highlights as I can dye it easily and it does not get damaged either my hair. I usually go for the best hair weave brands like Indique Hair, Hair Factory, Diamond Dynasty.

sadiq rehan

student | Posted 14 Oct, 2020

Actually, Hair colors that contain Ammonia in large amounts are responsible for Hair loss. So, choose your hair color wisely.