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CEO @diabliss | Posted 24 Jul, 2020 |

Can diabetics eat mango?

Laura Dawson

@letsuser | Posted 26 Aug, 2020

For whatever length of time that you are inside your absolute calorie limit, devouring one or even two mangoes a day is fine," says Bawri, who additionally encourages diabetic patients to dodge squeezes and eat mangoes with the mash, as it has fiber which lessens the measure of sugar expended.

sadiq rehan

student | Posted 24 Aug, 2020

In diabetes, doctors advise patients not to take artificial sugar but they can eat food that contains natural sugar but in a limited quantity.

Mango is a natural fruit and it has potassium and it is rich in carbs. 

Diabetic patients can take 2-3 slices of mango 2-3 times in a week.

Naheed Mir

Owner & CEO | Posted 26 Jul, 2020

Mangoes are rich in carbohydrates, and their calorie content is too high, but they do not have any effect on the blood glucose when consumed in moderation. If you have diabetes, you need to restrict the portion of the mangoes; you need to consume not more than 1-2 slices every two days.