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Edil Lugto


Can everybody be a freelancer?


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Yes, why not. Actually we need to say " I am jobbing in a FOREIGN COMPANY. Like - Upwork, Fiverr, etc. 


You have to understand the job structure. If you know this you will be astonished.


Let's say, you need a job. Then you will go to an office to collect a form for application. You will put a biodata and all related Qualification certificates. This their choice either they may allow it or not. But Freelancing has a big opportunity. You will get a huge choice and freedom to choose your job. As usual, the company will fix your salary but here you will fix your salary according to your specialty. You will increase your selling price.


Freelancing is not a required Qualification seeker. It demands Quality, standard, and professionalism. Whatever your education does not matter. It seeks how you are implementing your education. What the best you can provide to .....


Here you can see low-educated people get high awards. But in society, you can see highly educated people have no jobs. Why? because their education is not that standard. 


This society thinks Freelancing is just nothing. They think it is time passing or nonproductive work. Mr. Chowdhury is not agreed with the proposal.....


Freelancers are earning a minimum of $1000/month. Mr. Chowdhury likes bankers. Although Mr. X (banker) got only $150/month. The thing is, we don't know how we need to introduce ourselves. 



Platforms like UPWORK, FIVERR are like buying a house. They got orders from worldwide buyers. We all are their employees. UPWORK, FIVERR - distributes jobs according to our skills. I would like to share one more thing here. As usual, we gather experience of work after getting a job. But in this platform, we gather experience before getting a job. I mean, all Freelancers are proactive, self-motivated, smart, expert, professional, challenger, planner. He knows contract, subcontract, banking. He is earning Dollars from his living-room corner. 


So, give up your 1000 years old concept. Come to Freelancing and shine yourself.





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