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Can I get a chartered accountant loan without any collateral?


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Yes, you can get a chartered accountant loan with having to pledge any collateral or security for the loan. Being an unsecured finance option it can be availed by borrowers who did not have any security to pledge against the loan.

But, you may also be noted that in order to avail a preferred loan amount or qualify for the loan one must comply by the eligibility terms of the lender, which state that -


As a loan applicant you must have a good credit score. Lenders prefer applicants who have a reliable payments history and will pay back the loan on time without default.
Another important factor taken into consideration is how long the CA has been running their practice. Usually, a minimum of 4 years of CA practice is considered stable without any breaks for lenders to sanction the loan easily.
Additionally, loan seekers having relevant paperwork are considered apt because they have authentic documents to prove their application.

Once all conditions of the loan are satisfied by the borrowers they can get the loan instantly disbursed into their accounts. Moreover, tracking and management of the chartered accountant loan is not that complicated too and one can do so with an online account.


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