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Dhawani Singh

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Can the subconscious mind be reprogrammed?


Healer, writer | Posted on

When you are awake and conscious, you are always thinking, consciously or unconsciously. It's a never-ending process. You cannot, even if you choose to, cease thinking, except when you sleep, and when you enter a higher state of consciousness, at which time your subconscious mind is still at work. On any given day you process sixty to seventy thousand thoughts, consciously and unconsciously. And then the next day you live a repetition of the same process. And then the next day as well. And yes, all the days of your life.
The largest percentage of these repetitive thoughts are your subconscious mind at work and you get on with the purpose of your life without much conscious effort to create any new thoughts (which manifest as feelings or things). And so when you wonder why you are stuck in a rut with anything in your life, whether it's your career or relationships you start to make a small change in your thinking process. It's the beginning of the realization that you are not creating anything new. The reason is you are not actively/consciously making an effort to create anything new.
So now that you have realized that, the same thought patterns have got you in a rut, and begin a new pattern of thinking fresh new thoughts on a consistent basis, you will see yourself creeping out of the rut that you got into. This is the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind. As you continue to pursue this new learning process and went from one level of learning to another, you will be constantly reprogramming and creating new things, feelings and emotions.


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