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Developing A Drupal Website With Advanced Features


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Drupal is a free open web content management platform for various content, commerce or community circle. This is written in PHP & distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 2.3% of all websites.


Advanced features of Drupal are as follows:

Building Site setting using features which includes bundling configuration
Online Video Features that make the easy operation of Drupal
Exportable & user role IDs in features
Some feature settings or components should never be exported because they represent cache, security related, temporary or another environment.
Installing & enabling or disabling bundled features of Drupal based website
Un-featuring a feature module. These modules are “bit” special contain hooks like regular
Once you have got features running or installing, chances are there you will want to fiddle with it & change some of its settings. Drupal includes features that provide a centralized place to manage, configure & export components & write them to code.
Drupal has new theme engine, mobile first from the get-go, More HTML5 Power to you, multilingual ready, easy authorizing, quick edits, better support for accessibility, web services built in 7 many more. These features help in decorating the website or web pages.


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