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shweta rajput

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Did BJP hack EVMs in the Bihar election?


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(A) at the point when congress won the Rajasthan races there were no remarks by Rahul Gandhi.
  • he called Rajasthan won as a vote based system yet called imperious and evm hacking when BJP won.
  • you will find at night that congress posse will come and state that BJP hacked evms in Bihar races.  
(B). this hosts been the idea of all gatherings other than BJP.
  • BJP never question our majority rules system and organizations like political race commission however not same with congress or ethers.
  • BJP acknowledged individuals order and enthusiastically acknowledged their annihilation in Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. didn't call or addressed political decision commission. be that as it may, see what Rahul does.  
  • we call BJP as totalitarian and undemocratic however we have another person who each time questions are protected specialists.  
  • for what reason are we in any event, questioning our own condition of majority rules system when Rahul Gandhi questions call it. we need to attempt our own sense.  
(C). consider the possibility that BJP would have hacked the EVMs.
  • do you think RJD has won in excess of 100 seats?
  • do you feel that there are close battles between two?



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