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Rishita Blogger

Self Employed | Posted 30 Apr, 2021 |

Do our education system need to improve?

Pooja Singh

Content writer | Posted 06 May, 2021

We the people of India are well aware of the education system here and how it is impacting the future of next-generation students and their dreams. Apparently, still we have such a framework by which most of the students who cannot take admission are not aware of the same. I would not say that it is terrible or the government is not at all working in the education sector because we have seen some very good amendments or we can say a complete change in the field of education to improve the education system for the welfare of the society.

But certain areas are still there that come with a lot of confusion, improvement areas myths or I would say monotonous nature of thought process in the minds of the people's which is not hard to change but somewhere around education system is not working properly in such areas. Such areas are the part of villages where we hear news of not even the electricity was there, or we even see several contaminated or not nicely prepared mid-day meals Most of the schools have a lack of proper sanitization due to which many students leave school or don’t take admission.

Also, there are a lot of myths when it comes to talking about distance & online education as it is not beneficial and has no value in the job market. It has changed with time and now it’s all your skills and experience. But due to lack of awareness students are not aware that distance & online education is now valid if the university is UGC-DEB approved.

These are some of the factors which lead to the result that Education system surely needs to improve and more of that the awareness amongst students about the right to know the education which is been changing day-by-day.

Sks Jain

@ teacher student ptofessor | Posted 05 May, 2021

Yes our education  system  need high level improvement.Not everyone can afford the education system that they offer. Hence, the government needs to take the baton in their hands and eradicate rote learning from the schools at all the levels. The schools must be encouraged to introduce conceptual learning which avoids students to mug up what they are being taught.


@lets | |Updated 04 May, 2021

Yeah our education system required changes. We need to improve our goverment schools as well. Now from last few years technology has changed a lot and you can also see it with our education system. During covid how students helpful with online study and how learning apps are helpful for students with this emergency situation. Apps like Byjus, TataStudi & Unacademy etc doing very well in India.

These apps are not just providing amazing contents, also provides trackers and practise test for students.