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Zyan Malik

Blogger | Posted 08 Nov, 2018 |

Do you think Cricket is given more importance than any other games ?

praveen marketing

Blogger | Posted 23 Oct, 2020

Yes! Cricket is given more importance than any other sport

jacob graves

Blogger | Posted 21 Sep, 2020

Yes! Cricket is given more importance than any other

sadiq rehan

student | Posted 02 Sep, 2020

If we talk about India, YES! cricket is given more importance than any other game.

akash chauhan

Founder and CEO | Posted 26 May, 2020

Truly! Cricket is given more significance than some other game and frequently considered as one of the religions in India.....

Rajat Rajput

@Rajat | Posted 02 May, 2020

Yes, people love playing the game and also loves watching the fight for winning the power cups between the countries. But there are many other games which are disregarded. All the games should be treated equivalent.

andrew jacob

Blogger | Posted 02 May, 2020

Cricket is getting a lot of significance as though it were our national game. When contrasted with cricket Hockey is being disregarded. All games and games ought to be given equivalent significance.

sadaf sarwar

Blogger | Posted 24 Dec, 2018

indeed cricket is given most significance in India and I am additionally among it.

rising promptly in the first part of the day to get that look at match in Aus/New Zealand where Starc would bowl bouncers as though knocking down some pins from a tennis ball.

keeping an eye on cricinfo in the middle of your work each 5 min about the match being played in SA where Steyn would be always timing 149.

rushing home from office to watch that night session of day 3 at Lords where Anderson would be turn around swinging the red cherry.

piyush agraval

Blogger | Posted 14 Nov, 2018

Yes! Cricket is given more importance than any other sport and often considered as one of the religions in India. Is it right? Why do ppl prefer cricket than other sport? Because the growth of cricket started in the 90s. Even hockey is in the prime position during dhayan chand era. Its vanishes out of our mind post chand era. But cricket gets the superhero one after the other. Sachin has the main role in developing the cricket. During 90s more ppl moved towards cricket only because of sachin. Then dhoni came after sachin era. Now its the time of virat kohli .. Superstars were born day by day for cricket. But for other sports there is no superstar. Govt should come forward to bring out the hidden talents.  But politicians had the key role in developing BCCI. So they don't let other sports to grow!!

Vasanthi Gopalan

Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | |Updated 12 Nov, 2018

Yes ! It is vice-versa. In India people are crazy about cricket. That is why business point of view it is profitable to promote cricket than any other sports. But in recent times the situation is changing. There are hockey leagues, football leagues and kabaddi leagues are also taking place along with IPL games. And moreover younger generation interested in sports personalities other than cricketers, like P.V.Sindhu, Saina Mirza, Sania Nehwal, Vijayender,Vishwanathan Anand, Abhinav Bindra, and Hima Das.

The reason for the popularity of cricket is its popular players. India produced great players like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They have great fan followers. So people like them attracts crowd to watch them play.

The rules of cricket is simple to understand. That is why everybody from vegetable vendor to elite people follows cricket.

You don't need expensive kit to play cricket. And you can play in a street corner also with handful of players, Unlike Hockey or Tennis. So people enjoy the game when they play themselves.

Truth is that media is not promoting other games than cricket. With so much population, our medals at Olympic or even common wealth games are very less compared to our neighbouring countries.

But on the other hand government is not spending much on promoting cricket. Cricket is famous because of its wealthy board, BCCI who is conducting IPL and other way of promotions.

Government should take interest in developing and promoting other games like tennis, hockey, weight lifting, athletics ... Both infrastructure as well as modern equipments with good trainers are needed in all the other sports.