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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted 03 Dec, 2018 |

Does doing internship in NGOs add to our overall education and learning?

Meetali Asiwal

Thinker | Posted 13 Dec, 2018

There are many NGOs in various cities of India which provide free education to slum children and to the children belonging to economically weaker section of the society. So when you join any NGO and take the responsibility of these educationally deprived kids, you don’t only teach, but also learn.

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Internships these days are very popular among students as they give you work experience as well as teach you a lot of things which are impossible to learn inside the classroom. While working for NGOs, you get to interact with children who have grown up in an environment which is very different from the one you are used to. Getting familiarized with the lives of these children does not only change you as a person for life but also makes you more thankful for the facilities you have been provided.

You would be surprised to know how early these little kids mature and develop an understanding you still may not have developed inside yourself. They teach you more than you teach them and it becomes a win-win situation. So if you are planning to join some NGO, don’t think about the remuneration and go for it. It has so many other perks that you yourself will feel that it’s worth it.