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Everyone is partying but I am not Am I abnormal?


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Who is partying? Those school and college students who are planning to lead conventional, ambitionless lives full of dreams but zero actions?

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Who is partying? Those young office-goers who have no aspirations and have settled for a 10-7 job life?

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Who is partying? Those who believe drinking is cool and do not mind spending thousands on foods that they won’t complete when right outside their house and restaurant there’s a kid who will sleep tonight without eating?

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Who is partying? Those outrageously pretentious people who are unempathetic, unambitious, goalless, insecure bunch?

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Are you seriously considering them “normal” and yourself “abnormal”?

Do you really have that audacity to compare yourself with these bunch who will never do anything in their lives for someone else? Are you really comparing yourself to these people who will live and die without doing anything worthwhile?

How high are you?

You think they are normal, and you are “abnormal”? If yes, understand that voice or opinion in your head is NOT yours. Someone has put that in your head. And whoever that is – your friends, family, parents, social media – give them your middle finger and scream you’re not “abnormal”. Yes, even to your parent if you have to.

Scream to them – and to yourself – that you’re as normal as it gets. You’re not partying because you have better things to do. You’re not drinking because you’re a straightedge and that’s the coolest.

You’re not in that bar dancing idiotically amid an insecure and pretentious crowd—because you’re at home working on your dreams.

You’re not posting party pictures on Instagram because you have an IQ level of a grownup and understand that what you do is intimate and it’s none of others’ business.

Understand you’re not one of them. And that’s the greatest gifts you can ask for. Because you’re secure in your position. You’re not pretentious. You have goals. You have empathy. You love peace.

You have places to go. You have dreams. And you are ready to take actions towards them. You are better.

Ever heard that quote…

“Grind while they sleep. Learn while they party. Live like they dream.”

Don’t let them set standards of normal and abnormal. In this game, you create the rules. Let them do whatever they want. You focus on your own self—on your goals, well-being, and goodness.

What do you think the likes of Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Casey Neistat, Mark Zuckerberg, and Melinda Gates would be doing right now? Partying and getting hammered? Or working?

You’re not abnormal. And neither are they. You’re just awesome. Keep working. And if you notice a difference between you and others, take pride in that.  


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