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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Astrology

Explain the combinations of unconventional or love marriages in a chart?


Marriages, specially love marriages fills enquisitiveness and excitement in everyone. In today’s time, with the advancement in every field, even the concept of marriages have evolved. The definition of love marriages or unconventional marriages is changed. Lets take a look on the factors that lead to marriage of ones own choice. 

• Rahu is called the custodian of all earthly and transcendental knowledge. Rahu does not prefer conventional traditions. It loves anything outside the culture and custom.

• Rahu present in the ascendant and Jupiter aspecting 7th house gives unconventional marriage.

• Rahu forming any relation with 7th house, native does not care for his tradition and family value.

• Mars and Saturn along with rahu forming any relationship with 7th house fades chances of traditional marriage.

• If exalted sign of the lord of 5th house falls in rahu ketu axis gives marriage of ones own choice.

• Rahu, Saturn and venus aspecting 7th house or 7th lord gives love marriage.

• Saturn and ketu in 7th house favours marriage with some known person.

• Ve association with Saturn, mars or rahu also lets one go for love marriage.
1 Fifth and seventh house relationship or with their lords.

2 Moon, Mars, Venus or Rahu’s relation with 5th house and weak 9th house.

3 If 7th lord is strong and Saturn, Mars and Rahu is present in 9th house, there is a chance of unconventional marriage. 

4 Venus associated with Saturn, Mars or Rahu, and also the 7th lord present in 5th house.

5. If 7th lord is associated with Mars, Rahu or Venus.

6. If 7th and 12th house and their lords are afflicted by malefic, there are possibilities of untraditional marriage.

7. If weak Moon is present in 5th house.



Founder and CEO | Posted on

In Astrology Venus is Kalatra Karaka who is the marker of marriage and life partner and seventh house speaks to Marriage/life partner. In the event that Venus or seventh master is combination or aspection by Saturn or Mars then local have high possibility of capricious marriage ie: Love marriage.

In the event that the combination of Venus with Saturn and Mars is very much positioned, at that point the individual will have effective love marriage. For instance if Venus, seventh master, second ruler are all around set however have aspection from Saturn with no other distress then local will have love marriage with positive help from society and relatives.

On other hand in the event that Venus is harrowed and aspected by Saturn or Mars, at that point local will do cherish marriage however he may not get support from society or family. In the event that Venus and Mars conjoins with no benefic aspection, at that point local may enjoy different marriage or relationship and on the off chance that it has interface with Lagna or tenth house, at that point he may lose his notoriety by this demonstration. A similar guideline is applied on Navamsha graph also.

Likewise second house governs family life and twelfth house speaks to partition. So if Venus has association with second ruler, sixth master, eighth ruler and twelfth ruler then the couple will isolate after adoration marriage, particularly if the dasha/bukti of second master or twelfth ruler happens couples horoscope at same time then division can be affirmed during that period.


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