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How do I stop rapid hair loss?

ashutosh singh teacher | Posted 29 Nov, 2020

Quit utilizing items with harmfull synthetics and change to items which are natural and treat your hair with characteristic spices. For hairfall issues the best in market is Mamaearth onion hair range. It has decency of onion which supports hair roots and makes your hair more grounded ... Read More

By ravi singh (teacher )

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Why cotton is the best fabric to use?

Apurvi K Student | Posted 27 Aug, 2020

It is delicate, lightweight, and breathable, which permits air flow to your skin. It is very normal, strong, and simple to wash. For every one of these reasons, a delicate cotton texture despite everything might be an extraordinary decision for sleepwear and bedding. ..Read More

By eweb guru (Blogger)


Which brand of beauty products is good?

Sneha Bhatiya Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted 25 Aug, 2018

Thousands of beauty products and brands have hit the market nowadays. Each brand tries to attract consumers with its new products, but it is not necessary that every product of a brand is good. A common mistake that all the girls and women do is that they do not buy products based on their qualities and faults, but... Read More

By Rinki Singh (Chef at Hotel Radisson)

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How to use aloevera for glowing skin?

Shikha Kudesia Content writer and teacher also | Posted 17 Aug, 2020

Because of the hefty utilization of poisonous synthetic substances simultaneously, paper is liable for multiple times more air contamination and multiple times more water contamination than plastic sack ..Read More

By digital ireza (Blogger)