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Frizzy and messy hair in winter is a real problem when we can’t wash them just whenever we like. Also, the dry air that blows in winter snatches the natural oils and moisture from our mane and leave us with dry and bushy hair, which look awful. Here are some tips to keep your hair as gorgeous as ever even in winter.... Read More

By Shayan Bhatacharya (Flight Lieutenant ( Indian Air Force))

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What are the Symptoms & Precautions of a Brain Tumor?

sushil seo digital marketing | Posted 14 Nov, 2018

Commonly brain tumours cause headache with vomiting, vision problems, or weakness of hands or legs.The cause of Brain tumours are still in research and till now there is no proven way to protect from brain tumours.  ..Read More

By Dr Kamal (Radiation Oncologist )

In my opinion, over-the-counter medicines are the best possible solution. It saves money (and time) from actually visiting a doctor. And also, of course, it provides quick relief. (Courtesy: Marc’s) In OTC medication though, it’s very important that you AVOID looking for medicine names on the internet or taking advice from your peers. You must visit... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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Why doctors need to manage their online reputation?

Priya Gupta Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted 12 Dec, 2018

First and foremost reason, internet, and social media are increasingly becoming a great influencer in our lives, and online reviews and feedback are not just limited to food, music, books, and movies. People, these days, are turning to online reviews in a great number when it comes to physicians and dentists. And according to a research, the people... Read More

By Urmila Solanki (BBA in mass communication)

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Managing the sweaty strands after the gym session is time consuming. Neither it is good to shampoo your hair every day after your workout session. So, how to handle this situation?  Use dry shampoo. It works better than others. There... Read More

By Nandini Moulik (CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Creativekart, Experienced writer, blogger)

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Who has started yoga in Rishikesh ?

Ajit Bhandari @letsuser | Posted 09 Oct, 2018