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It's not a hard task to maintain your skin at home there so many remedies which you can apply to take care of your skin ..Show more
How do I care for my skin at home without going to the beauty parlour or dermatologist?

Yes it is very much comfortable now days because in having much to do schedules no time to go out and even in covered wi ..Show more
How was your first home salon service experience?

The beautiful and bright color of beetroot is hard to feeling the loss of and so is its different taste . beetroot juice ..Show more
What are the benefits to drink betroot and carrot juice?

If you use these extensions for a longer period, it may cause side effects but if you use it occasionally, it will be go ..Show more
Would getting hair extensions damage my hair?

There are four stages in cancer disease In stage 1 means the cancer is just started and it harms only one area in the bo ..Show more
What are the stages of cancer, and what do they mean?

Mainly in today's world a food which is rich in protein vitamins minerals is necessary and eggs is one of them it gives ..Show more
Why eggs are one of the most nutritious foods?

Daily facial  cleaning takes away every last trace  of dirt, more than enough oil, pollution  and not wan ..Show more
Why cleansing your face is vital?

In today's world to find a healthy fast food has become an easy task because people are now shifting to healthy food the ..Show more
What are the healthiest Fast Food?

After online shopping came into existence people oftenly buy their clothes by online because it is easy and convenient a ..Show more
Why most of the people buying clothes online?

What is Cosmetic Surgery
dr Oudit | Posted on
The goal of a facelift is to enhance an individual's look, shallowness, and sureness. Facelifts are often performed on a ..Show more
What is Cosmetic Surgery

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