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Have you ever left a restaurant-bar without paying?


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To your surprise yes. It was not done deliberately but there was no other choice. Once I was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai in a Sharma or some other bus. It was a sleeper coach bus and I and my 2 kids boarded the bus at 7 PM. We had an early dinner at our home before the journey.

 But you know the children, if they get bored, they want something to eat. So when the bus stopped for dinner at 10 PM, (I don’t remember the name of the eatery) we got out and entered the roadside restaurant. I ordered some noodles and fried rice for them. The children were very slow in consuming the food and I went to the restroom while they were eating.

When I came out of the restroom, our bus started to move and I didn’t know what I should do. So in a hurry and panic moment, I literally dragged my children towards the bus and was yelling at the bus while running. Thankfully someone on the bus noticed us and the bus stopped after some yards from the restaurant.

We ran and boarded the bus quickly and the bus started to move. Even my children didn’t have time to wash their hands. They washed their hands through the bus window only. Only after settling and got my breath I realised that I didn’t pay the bill of our food.

I was feeling very guilty. I consoled myself that if I travel via the same route in the future, definitely I will pay back the bill. I am still waiting for that opportunity. But I don’t have the idea of whether the restaurant is still there or not. Letsdiskuss


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