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ravi singh

teacher | Posted 09 Oct, 2020 |

How bad is the state of Hindus in Kerala?

ravi singh

teacher | |Updated 13 Nov, 2020

In 2013 CPIM's chief and previous Kerala CM VS Achuthanandan (he was the head of resistance around then) distinguished the danger of conceivable Islamization of kerala and he cautioned that Kerala may go to into an Islamic state inside 20 years time and this was even before Modi came into force and BJP recognized a similar danger here. I don't have a clue the number of individuals think about this, the video is there in YouTube in any case. I don't have a clue what measures were taken by both the Congress and the current Communist govt to stop the development of revolutionary Islam. Infact the current supporters of the two players are dismissing it and the majority of the Pro VS socialists host been de advanced from the get-together ( as he was pinarayi's opponent)

In actuality revolutionary Islam is filling in Kerala. Check any computerized stages YouTube, FB whatever, you can see them advancing revolutionary considerations which are pretty misanthropic as well. I won't state each Muslim is an extremist , the level of radicalists will be not many however that is sufficient to degenerate the rest. They are carefully requesting that their adherents adhere to their writings . Suppose any Hindu did that, or he distinguished himself as a traditional Hindu or advanced his hindu culture or remained with the Sabarimala issue then there will be a displeasement in the general public and he'll be a subject of joke. Any enemy of BJP stuffs sells in Kerala

So all the things like shared amicability of kerala is supreme bologna. Well it exists for the time being however certainly not for the since quite a while ago run. The majority of the Hindus are hallucinating and can't recognize or acknowledge it on account of Kerala lawmakers. They think tolerating it'll make them Pro - BJP which is truly downright awful to our general public. Anyway a few Hindus began understanding this . Except if the remainder of the Hindus understand this difficult they'll need to escape from the state in future , anyway I believe that won't occur as I might suspect they'll understand it ultimately as Muslims itself is endeavoring to demonstrate that they are incredibly prejudiced. Besides BJP will transform into an option in contrast to the Congress and Communists in future here.