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How can businesses improve customer services with the help of IVR service providers in India?


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Businesses look for services that strengthen their customer experience (CX) and optimise their overall operations. It is a smart idea to opt for a cloud telephony service provider that is cost-effective and can handle a high volume of calls. Therefore, an interactive voice response (IVR) service can be called the key to customer satisfaction.

IVR is an automated answering technology that handles incoming calls with a pre-recorded message. Personalised greetings and key input responses allow for a seamless caller experience. Customers can navigate on their own through the interactive menu to get information. Moreover, at the client’s discretion, an intelligent call routing system directs the user to the agent or department best-suited to answer the query.    

Essentially, IVR functions like a virtual receptionist—a human voice gives the call an air of familiarity and ease. Further, since the system automatically responds to key inputs from the menu, it can be imagined as a flowchart that can be monitored 24x7. All the data is hosted on the internet. 

Since the aim of an IVR is to reduce efforts on both ends and optimise the calling process, you must consider the main benefits that a good IVR provider like Servetel will offer your business. The following are the key factors to keep in mind:

1. Flexibility for modifications

Markets change with growing customer needs. In the ever-changing landscape, better IVR services are constantly released, designed specifically for the clients’ growing needs. Your IVR should be flexible enough to incorporate new changes in its design. It is imperative for businesses to employ modern IVR models—outdated ones barely hold any value in the market. 

2. Financially sound

Managers should keep a budget in mind while selecting the best service. IVRs are usually cost-effective but it’s necessary to compare similar services to get a holistic idea of the pricing plan. Many service providers offer pricing models tailored to your needs. These are immensely convenient since you won’t have to pay for features you don’t need. 

3. Track workforce productivity

Your agents have to proficiently engage with the customers within a limited time. If one agent is unavailable, the call should be routed to another agent immediately to avoid inconvenience. With informative dashboards and analytics, agents can oversee a customer’s call history to provide customised information. The manager can whisper in or barge into live calls to regulate quality at any given time. This makes for an organised and effective workforce. 

4. Balance CX and business profits 

Customer experience and business profits are two sides of the same coin. It’s essential to keep a balance between both. Focussing solely on one of these aspects can hinder you from achieving optimal results. Smart, auto-programmable IVR can guide businesses to equally support their workforce and customers economically. 

An ideal IVR service provider should include the above factors. It is the perfect tool to boost CX, sales, productivity, etc. IVR eliminates the need to put a customer through long wait times. This reduces negative sentiment and improves your customer service reputation.


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