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How can David Warner make his international comeback after ball-tampering scandal?


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Following the ball tampering scandal earlier in 2018 that virtually shook the Australian cricket, Batsman David Warner, who was Vice-captain then, was suspended for 12 months from playing all international and Australian domestic cricket.

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In addition, Australian Captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were, too, handed bans for nine months.

The incident took place during the third test match against South Africa in Cape Town.

The suspension came after CA’s investigation found that David Warner had instructed Cameron Bancroft to scratch the ball with sandpaper; he even taught the latter how to do it. Captain Steve Smith was well-informed about this. Following the revelation, Warner admitted about ball tampering and apologised publicly in a press conference, adding “It is something I will regret for as long as I live.”

Smith and Bancroft, too, apologised for their parts on multiple occasions.

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In fact, this was the reason why Smith and Warner didn’t partake in the previous season of Indian Premier League.

Now, Warner has handed with a 12-month suspension. However, even after serving that period, it’s not necessarily assured if he can make a return in the national team. The allegations leveled against him are serious. The Australian Cricket Committee will find it quite difficult to bring back Warner, with such a big dent on his image, without disastrously upsetting the fans and other cricketers around the world.

Ball tampering is a very serious issue. Bringing back a player after such incident will surely be an unwelcoming move for the cricketing community at large. So, Cricket Australia might be reluctant to bring Warner – as well as Smith and Bancroft – back in the team and garner mass criticism against the board and the team itself.

Besides, aside from that, a lot will also depend on David Warner himself; whether or not he wants to play for Australia again and if he’s still as fit or not.

It’s fair to say, although three players are accused of this whole incident, David Warner has become a poster child for ball tampering scandal in Australia.

Only recently in an interview to former Australian Legend Adam Gilchrist, Bancroft took the responsibility for his actions but, in the same breath, he claimed how Warner insisted him to do the deed. "Dave [Warner] suggested to me to carry the action out on the ball gave the situation we were in in the game and I didn't know any better," Bancroft said.

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So, if you’re a fan of David Warner, tough time lies ahead. It’s not sure if, even after the 12-month suspension, he will make a return to the squad. But there’s no denying that, ball tampering scandal kept aside, David Warner is one of the most exciting cricketers of this generation.


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