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Pankaj Singh

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

How can I make myself more educated?


Retired CEO of a software company | Posted on

Education in today's context is merely limited to become professionally qualified and earn money. So if you are talking about that education then you can go to any renowned university and get whatever degree you want according to your capability.
• If you want to be more educated academically, you can do it by way of distant or postal education at any age.
• But if you want you to be really educated and become a scholar then read as much as you can. Reading books of various authors on various subjects will enlighten your wisdom.
• Spend qualitative time with educated friends and other elders. Discuss about intellectual subjects and share and gain information about everything under the sky.

• Develop some new hobby. It will lead to learn something and gain some knowledge on the subject. 
• Go to places. Travelling will give you some real life education. Try to study people and their behavior. Definitely it will make you more educated.
• Try to gain knowledge outside your field. That is if you are an engineer, learn literature, art, philosophy and other subjects.
• And go to places of your interest like monuments, art galleries, museums, concerts and any place related to your interest.
• Teach or explain to others. It is said that while teaching you learn some more.
Education does not have any starting point or ending point. If you are intelligent, you will make yourself more and more educated till your last breath.


Blogger | Posted on

To my psyche, there are more approaches to do as such:

1) Study something truly. On the off chance that you read only one book, you barely turned out to be progressively taught. You have to think about diferent approaches about that theme and it more often than not takes a couple of year. Besides the best individuals in some field learn constantly.

2) Enroll yourself at school. Or on the other hand another method for training. Numerous individuals have issue with perserverance how time pass by. They surrender, in this manner, the school may be great pick, since instructors lead you to wind up school effectively.

3) Let yourself procure with organization which encourages you to lear. Numerous organizations have numerous ventures which needs you to take in consistently. Also, you get paycheck for that, would it say it isn't extraordinary?


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