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shweta rajput

blogger | Posted 08 Mar, 2021 |

How can stop crying while chopping onions?

bindu thekutte

translator | Posted 04 May, 2021

Best way to cut onions without tears is to chop it into 2 and put in water for some time ,may be 15-20 minutes.I also cut the onion and keep it in the refrigerator for sometime.this also helps to cut the onions without tears.No tears and be happy.

Desert Farms USA

Businesses man | |Updated 04 May, 2021

you can use Onions in cold water before cutting after peeling off so it will reduce the tears in your eyes. 

Memoona Meer

Blogger, Market Manager, HR Manager | Posted 30 Apr, 2021

1. Chew a chewing gum while cutting onions
2. After peeling onions, soak them in bowl of water and leave them for 15 to 20 mins. Now cut them as the way you want.

Aarti Gumber

Blogger | Posted 30 Apr, 2021

We cry while peeling or chopping onions because they contain a mild acid that hurts our eyes. When in kitchen, it is best to ask for hacks from your granny. A commonly used way to prevent tearing when chopping onions is to keep them dipped in water for a while. Just remove the outer-most peel before you dip them in water. What happens is that the mild acid gets diluted in water and your problem gets solved. I have used this hack since ages and it has never failed. I hope now there will be no more crying in your kitchen because of cutting onions.