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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Posted 18 Sep, 2018 |

How can we prepare crispy chicken fry for snacks?

jeffrebel home

Blogger | Posted 15 May, 2020

I happened upon this by testing. I happened to get a sack of Louisiana Fish Fry Products Seasoned CRISPY Chicken Fry Batter Mix. It sat in my cabinet while I evaluated strategies that didn't work out (no play on words proposed). So I says, we should check out this stuff. I was not confident the same number of these items don't appear to satisfy their expectations. I WAS WRONG!! It is astonishing. I follow the bearings and afterward I put the battered chicken in the ice chest for in any event 2 hours. This I gained from Emeril who took in it from his staff. It gives time for the hitter to hold fast to the chicken. At that point when you profound fry it, it STAYS ON! This is all I use presently, no convoluted procedures, buttermilked chicken in packs and so forth. All you need is a sack of this stuff for 3lbs of chicken. It is in the heating segment of my grocery store, check out it.

Rinki Singh

Chef at Hotel Radisson | |Updated 18 Sep, 2020

Serving non-vegetarian starters and snacks to your guests and even to your family when evening hunger pangs are getting too damn unbearable for you, is no more a big deal because there is crispy chicken fry which can be prepared very easily and in no time. Let’s see how.



• Chicken (boneless): 500 grams
• Oil: sufficient to fry
• Curry leaves
• Kashmiri chili powder: 1 ½ tablespoon
• Red Chili Powder: ½ tablespoon
• Ginger-garlic paste: 3 tablespoon
• Turmeric powder: ½ tablespoon
• Cournflour: 3 tablespoon
• Buttermilk: 3 tablespoon
• Lemon Juice: 2 tablespoon
• Salt


• Wash the chicken and cut it into long strips.
• Mix Kashmiri chili powder, red chili powder, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, cournflour, buttermilk, lemon Juice, and salt; add a little water to the mixture to make a paste.
• Add the cut chicken pieces into the mixture and mix well. Keep it marinated for 1 hour.
• Add a handful of curry leaves into the mixture.
• Heat the oil in a pan and fry the marinated chicken pieces, like you fry fritters. Fry on a low flame until the chicken becomes light brown in color and is fully cooked.  

Enjoy with tomato ketchup!