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Lara Gomes

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How can you get to know that you-re suffering from ‘BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER’?


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Borderline personality disorder is a mental health condition that creates mood, behavioral, and relationship instability. People who have BPD problems, they get difficulty in regulating thoughts, emotions and self image also, they have unstable relationship with people around them.

Causes of the BPD are, it can be genetic, due to environmental factors or Brain abnormalities. Although, this can not be fully diagnosed .There are several ways by which it can be cured.

1. Psychotherapy: Which is further of 4 types,

a) Cognitive behavior therapy

b) Dialectical behavior therapy

c) Schema focused therapy

d) Mentalization based therapy

2. Anger Management techniques: Patient needs to learn how to manage anger and stay calm.

3. Medication: Medicines prescribed by doctor in this disease plays an important role. All the medicines prescribed should be taken on the same time in daily basis.

4. Music therapy: Listen to light,soothing music early morning.

5. Meditation: One of the important way to have positive approach and calmness in life.

This disease may cause depression, that's why stated above, one needs to be very much calm and positive. Not only in this, but in any kind if disorder.