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How do A+ students in college study for their exams?


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Do you burn the midnight oil trying to remember each and everything in the syllabus but despite working hard for weeks your score is still lesser than that social A+ kid who apparently doesn't study that much at all? Do you try each academic session to work harder but your grades don't improve that much at all? Believe me the problem might not be with the amount of work you put in but the technique you use to study. Here are some ways A+ students use to score high without even breaking a sweat- 

1. Focus in Class

If you don't bunk classes and focus while the teacher's teaching (no matter if the teacher is good or bad), half your work is already done. This way all your studies become revision and it all comes back when you're preparing for exams.

2. Take Active Interest

Be genuinely interested in what you study. Go for concepts first, and then learn the facts. Cramming won't stay in the head for long. Don't read everything at once. Only learn as much as you understand. If you don't understand something, seek help. If nobody's available, use the internet. 

3. Work Smart

Think how to save time. Highlight important sections while studying in class. Make simple and short notes when you read something for the first time. Refer back to your notes when preparing for the exams.

4. Be Regular

Make a routine and study regularly. First revise what has been done in class. Then study what is to be done in class. This way you don't have to worry for exams at all.

5. Take Breaks and Ample Rest

Keep taking ten minute breaks while studying for several hours. Keep changing locations of study if you can't concentrate. Take a proper sleep each night. Include outdoor activities and exercise in your daily routine. Eat nutritious food and stay hydrated. Can't study well if your body is suffering right? Follow these tips to the letter and see your grades sail past the topper's this time!


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