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Anonymous | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How do I check the balance on my card?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

I would assume you’re talking about your bank debit (ATM) and credit card.

There are many ways to check the balance on your card.

· Doing it online is the easiest way. But for that, you would need your net banking credentials. If your net banking isn’t activated on your account, you need to do that first. And for that, you would have to submit a form at your branch. (It usually takes 8 hours to get your net banking activated!)

If you have net banking credential, visit the website of your bank, navigate to the login page, enter your account and check the balance. You’re going to find different pages/options to check both your debit and credit card balance this way.


(Courtesy: Navodaya Times)

· Use mobile application. It involves the same net banking credential. But instead of visiting the website, you use the mobile application of your bank. Install this app ONLY from the official Playstore. Once installed, enter your login credentials and check the balance. (Again, this won’t work if you don’t have net banking activated in your account.) 

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· Visit the local ATM booth and swipe your card in the machine to check the balance. This is equally easy, only you have to bear the inconvenience of visiting an ATM. Swipe the card, enter the pin code, find the “check bal” option and click on it. If you want, get your receipt. (Not recommended though; save paper)

(Courtesy: Bank India)

· Then there’s visiting your bank. This is the last and most obvious resort if no other options fit. Visit your nearest bank branch and get the update of your card balance.

(Courtesy: Business Today) 

· In addition, you can also use the SMS service of your bank to check the card balance. But I personally find this SMS service a bit unreliable and inconvenient. Moreover, you’ll have to find the valid number to SMS of your bank. So, it’s best to leave this option alone.

(Courtesy: Cannyinfotech)

These are some ways to check the balance of your card.

Now note, depending on your bank and the card you use, the details of how to check the balance mentioned above might vary.

But broadly put, that’s how you can check the balance of your debit (ATM) and credit card. 
Hope this answers your question.


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