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How Do I Save My Marriage?


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No one would ever want a divorce to end their married life. But it happens that couples do not want to get divorced, and grief happens when one of the two does not even realize that the matter can reach here. So whenever it is found out or the partner tells that he wants to get a divorce from you, then for a time, the land slides under the feet, in such a situation it is difficult to handle yourself, along with the case in the court.By the time it becomes impossible to live under one roof, the problem increases further when the children are together, and it is seen that it is mostly with women that their husbands suddenly demand divorce or directly on paper. It is very important to show that in order to handle such a situation, it is very important that all decisions are made by thinking calmly.


• First of all, make sure that you have to save this marriage or not ?? If the answer is yes, then decide that whatever efforts will be taken for this, you will make an action plan.

• Talk to your spouse, it may be due to them that you have never noticed or talked, and if you have any idea what is the reason for their sudden decision, then talk about it And try to explain them.

• Stop treating yourself as poor or poor, and do not beg them, but make them realize their responsibility with full self respect, explain the need and importance of this marriage by giving examples of time spent, love and if you have children. It won't work in a day, try itDoing it, from morning tea to dinner, whenever you see a chance, talk about it, yes it is not right to talk about it all the time, so try to raise the point by seeing the right mood and environment, Because it is certain that he is equally upset with this divorce like you.
Maintain your individuality, and give them a little space, maybe these steps have been taken in anger, then over time you will realize your mistake yourself.

• Try to keep your relationship as normal as before in these difficult days. As far as possible, try to repeat the old days, when you had love, affection and bonding in people, it may change the partner's mind set.

• Whatever mistakes have been made so far, even if it is not in your relationship, but your partner does not think so, then even to end the matter, make a habit of accepting those mistakes right, because if your marriage If you want to save, you have to understand the border line of your self respect and relationship, and decide what is important for you.

• Even after the Divorce file is left, if you have the desire to save this marriage in your mind, then whether you are husband or wife, do not accidentally raise the issue of alimony, and note that there is no money related issue in the marital life till now. Even if between the two, try to solve it peacefully, rather than complicate it further. It is very important to gain economical trust of your spouse from now on, so if you need to tell your share investment, budget plans and everything that you need to do so farShe was to tell her partner, although in the meantime, being emotionally weak, do not make the mistake of signing any kind of papers or transferring some property and money, but do not let it be known that your mind is in such a condition I am also thinking something in this direction. Consider the issue of custody of children as more sensitive than money plan, but talk a little more carefully for it, and that too only when your partner wants to talk about these issues. 

Always remember that it is never late, if there is a slight desire left in either of you, then this marriage can be saved from breaking up, because to get married, love, trust and respect is needed. Which needs efforts to be maintained at every stage of life, even if it ends, 


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