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Posted 08 Aug, 2019 |

How do solar panels work?

varun sethupathi

student | Posted 23 Oct, 2019


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neha chauhan

Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission... | Posted 04 Sep, 2019

Solar panels are created out of electrical phenomenon cells (which is why generating electricity with star panels is additionally known as star PV) that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. 
Solar panels generate electricity once photons knock electrons removed from the fabric. In fact, a solar battery is comprised of an array of smaller units referred to as electrical phenomenon cells, that area unit the items that really convert alternative energy into electricity. the standard solar battery is in addition comprised of a metal frame, a glass casing, and varied wiring to permit current to result the semiconducting material cells. as a result of star panels generate electrical energy, an electrical converter is additionally needed to permit you to use the electricity in your home. 
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Solar power relies on the electrical phenomenon result (photo which means “light” and voltaic which means “electricity”), within which 2 dissimilar materials in shut contact manufacture associate electrical voltage once stricken by lightweight or alternative energy. In alternative energy, the materials belong to a category referred to as semiconductors — neither conductors nor electrical insulators that enable electrons to flow beneath bound conditions. the foremost common semiconductor utilized in the star business is chemical element. 
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P-type semiconductors tend to choose up a little charge whereas N-type ones have a electric charge. Typically, the semiconductor is riddled with impurities that create them a lot of at risk of donating or acceptive electrons as a result of crystals like atomic number 14 (Silicon) or Ge (Germanium) don't sometimes permit electrons to manoeuvre freely from atom to atom. It’s all terribly like however one in every of the battery’s electrodes encompasses a negative voltage with relation to the opposite, however applied in a very completely different context. 
It’s the tangency wherever electrons square measure liberated to cross from one aspect to the opposite, however not within the other way. Imagine a hill — electrons will simply go down the Hill (to the N side), however can’t climb it (to the P side). 
Each gauge boson with enough energy can unremarkably free precisely one negatron, inflicting a ‘hole’ to make. the electrical field can then cause the negatron to migrate to the N aspect and therefore the hole to the P aspect. 
This happens once associate degree negatron is raised up to associate degree excited state by intense energy received from the incoming light-weight. Were it not for a junction-forming material, the free electrons would have eventually fallen back to the bottom state? and since the electrons square measure solely allowed to flow in a very single direction — from N-type to P-type — the electrical phenomenon impact produces a right away current. This current, alongside the cell’s voltage, defines the ability (or wattage) that the photovoltaic cell will turn out. 

Oleh Korniienko

New York,USA. | Posted 08 Aug, 2019

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