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Kanika Malhotra

On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 06 Mar, 2021 |

How do thoughts influence a life of abundance or scarcity? What prevents a life of abundance?

Jacob joseph

Healer, writer | Posted 06 Mar, 2021

“All men are born equal” will take on fresh new meaning when you understand that, we are all born abundant, abundance reigns in the spirit of joy, happiness, confidence, and purity, we are source-energy, in all its pureness. Well, even if there is a lack of many things like milk, food, and a warm bed, we are blissfully oblivious to any kind of lack. According to us in this perfect universe that we are born into, everything is perfect.
When you are hungry, you are fed, when you are cold or uncomfortable, you are carried and receive warmth, and life is all hunky-dory. Until the brainwashing begins. This is when you reach an age of some understanding and are conditioned mentally to realize “lack”. We are taught or conditioned, to believe in things such as scarcity, sickness, weakness as opposed to abundance, vibrant health, and strength. And so you think and function in all areas of your life from a position of scarcity, sickness, and weakness. This results in living a limited existence and is not what the universe gave you in the first place. It's only when we are consciously aware of “lack” and dwell upon the factors of lack that it gets magnified in our lives.

So, as a result of our well-meaning parents, guardians, or caregivers we all go through brainwashing, which results in all our self-limiting beliefs. And therefore live a self-limiting life which is a result of self-limiting behavior. These self-limiting behaviors show up in many forms.
One of these is being conditioned to believe in your inability to swim simply because as a kid your parents warned you of not going near the pool because it is “dangerous” and you could get hurt or die. Or even because it was something that has never been done before. Like the invention of an aircraft, and man's ability to fly. But once it was proved man could fly then it stopped being a “limiting” factor to the mind. The key to living a life of abundance then is in your hands.