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How do you access the Walmart Wire from home?


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In order to get right of entry to Wal-Mart's Wire database from a domestic pc, log into the MyWalmart internet site. MyWalmart offers Wal-Mart personnel a risk to log in to Wire if you want to see their paintings time table or connect with their friends. Associates also can log in via Wal-Mart One.

WalmartOne offers friends some other manner to access the Wire database, which homes schedule records. Use the subsequent commands to get entry to the Wal-Mart Wire database via WalmartOne.

  • Input the username and password
Type inside the username and password into the log-in display and click Enter.

  • Look for the time table tab
The agenda tab is placed at the pinnacle of the display; click it to view the weekly agenda.

  • Log out
Once completed surfing, click Log Out to finish the consultation.


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