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ankit shukla

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How do you deal with conflict?


Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on

Not everyone has enough patience and behavioral skills to deal with conflicts constructively and make sure they do not recur. For example, I get very short tempered whenever I sense stupidity and lack of common sense in someone’s arguments.


We, however, in the workplaces, have to present ourselves as a desirable employee, and for that our conflict-tackling skills matter a lot. At workplace we come face to face with three Ps –People, Problems, and Power. Any conflict may will arise will be due to any or all of these three Ps. Given below are some steps that you can follow to deal with conflict constructively:

1. Navigating the sensible middle ground: Know that a conflict has arisen because persons at both the side think, even believe, that they are right. So fighting for proving them wrong is going to do no good, but will add fuel to the fire. Try to understand both the point of views and go for a negotiating view.

2. Reduce the risk of conflict: The best way of dealing with conflicts is to not have them. You just need to be a bit open-minded, cool-headed, and the one who does not take offence easily to make sure unnecessary conflicts are avoided most of the times.

3. Don’t avoid conflicts: You should work towards reducing the risk of conflicts for harmonious environment in workplace, but never avoid an already arisen conflicts. Remember that conflicts or opposing views are the signs of the growth, development, and progress of a community. So don’t run away from them but have a positive approach towards solving them.

4. Always retain a professional distance: Remember that you don’t have to get personal and bias when resolving a conflict between two people. It may resolve the conflict for the time being, but will give rise to the feelings of ill-will for a long run.

5. Ask the right questions for reconciliation: Always ask the right questions which can head you towards a reconciling solution, as neglecting any of the two sides would not be a fair way of solving the conflicts.


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