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Jessy Chandra

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How do you want to transform yourself in 2019?


Student (Delhi University) | Posted on

As the New Year comes around the corner, we all start looking up to a lot of new things.

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New people, new opportunities, new beginnings....and a new life altogether. It's a really beautiful time when we can look forward to many things which we never gathered courage for before.

Same is true with 2019.

I stopped making new year resolutions long before, but this time I want to make a resolution that I will bring along many new positive changes in myself.

I want to shed off the older me as a snake shed off its skin and start afresh. 2018 has been tough for me, and most of its credit goes to my own negligence towards many important things and issues.

But thank god, for the natural cycle that it’s never too late to realize your mistakes and start again.

That’s what I want to do in 2019. I want to be more considerate towards things I have neglected since long. Friends, family, relationships, situations, and every small thing that was taken for granted by me but was really significant for the essence of my life. I resolute to pay attention to all of it.


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