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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Updated 03 Sep, 2018 |

How does Jupiter (Brahaspati) affect our Horoscope?

AstroTalk 1

Online Astrology Service | Posted 09 Aug, 2019

Jupiter, also considered as Guru in Indian Astrology, is the planet of wealth, wisdom, knowledge and happiness. According to our Vedic Astrologers, The native under its influence will successful, fortunate, wealthy, generous and will have a much higher self esteem.  

Jupiter is considered one of the most highly influential planets in the Hindu Astrology and its influence on a person will help him in the later stages of his life. 

The significant planet rules two zodiac signs, i.e.,Sagittarius and Pisces. it is exalted in Canvcer sign and debiltated in Capricorn sign. 

Steve Hora

Expert in Astrology @ | Posted 06 Sep, 2018

Jupiter (Brahaspati) or Guru owns Sagittarius (Dhanur) and Pisces (Meena).

Based on the lagna or ascendant or first house, Guru would own a particular house.

Also the placement of Guru in the horoscope should be noted.

One should find that in the horoscope, and then read the affectation of Jupiter.

Dharm Dass

Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted 03 Sep, 2018

Any planet affects our horoscope on the basis of our zodiac, which are 12 in number. Coming to the planet Jupiter, it is known as the master planet or the Guru Planet. Jupiter is considered as the master of all the planets, and hence is known as (Brahaspati). It is also, the most powerful planet.

The fourth day of the week, according to the Hindu calendar, is dedicated to Jupiter or Brahaspati, and we worship Lord Vishnu on this day.

Effects of Jupiter on some of the zodiac signs with relation to the transit:

Aries: Jupiter to these people prove advantageous on the grounds of health and fate.

Taurus: Jupiter favors these people by relieving diseases and keeping enemies away.

Gemini: It’s the effect of Jupiter that makes these people able to take forward their progeny. It also keeps the diseases away.

Cancer: Cancer has the positive effect of Jupiter on it, as it brings happiness and peace.

Virgo: For Virgo, Jupiter increases the chances of wealth procurement and brings happiness in family.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is the reason that these people are very brave and strong.

Aquarius: Jupiter makes these people respectful and proves to be the reason of their children’s happiness.