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Sumil Yadav

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How is Bumblebee different from other Transformers movies?


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If you are going to watch Bumblebee, hoping that this will provide you with something other than all the metal boom and bang that other Transformers movies are full of, then be happy. To start with, this movie, along with a new director, has brought in a lot of novelty with it for the Transformers fans.

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We can very safely say that Travis Knight has given a breathing heart to the spectacular metal body that Michael Bay presented to us in the first Transformers movie. Along with it, Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld in the role of Charlie brings the substance to the otherwise mechanical and monotonous series.

Reviews all over, are even calling the movie “charming”, the last word one would expect to associate with Transformers series. So on the grounds of newness, this movie has a lot, despite the fact that the Knight has adopted the main storyline from Michael Bay, and the characterizations too, are nothing unusual.

Keeping this in mind, Bumblebee can be seen as the best and most different of all the Transformers movies because it has emotions, feelings, and warmth mixed with the usual base story.

Charlie, a 17-year-old teenager who has lost her father and is coming to terms with her loss, meets the shackled and hidden Volkswagen Beetle, and recognizes its reality. She is the one who gives it the name Bumblebee and pets it like a friend.

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The relationship between Bee and Charlie is bound to bring smiles on your faces. The movie further traces the storyline of both the friends who are helping each other in their distress.

You will see the movie progressing positively and not boring you as the Two Decepticon assassins search for the former Cybertron citizen B-127 (Bumblebee). Bring the most-friendly movie in Transformers franchise, this spin-off, has Steinfield stealing the most of the show, while John Cena emerges as a spectacular villain.


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