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Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | Science-Technology

How is Gurgaon compared to Pune in terms of IT industry?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

I (and my friend who has lived in both places) think that Gurgaon may have a slight upper hand vs. Pune when it comes to the IT industry.



While both the cities likely have equal job opportunities, Gurgaon seems to be more IT-centric. There are many big companies here. Moreover, the city has emerged to be one of the country’s hubs for the start-up culture, which attracts young workforce from across the country.

Pune, on the other hand, is much more conservative with lack of advanced infrastructure. It homes companies from diverse sectors, including manufacturing. Of course, this isn’t to say that the city doesn’t home IT companies. However, it isn’t predominantly an IT hub. A large part of that is because it lags in the necessary infrastructure that IT companies demand. In addition, due to the high cost of living and various other reasons, this city in Maharashtra isn’t a big “go-to” for people looking for good job opportunities. And the lack of the best (and diverse) workforce further puts off many MNCs.

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Gurgaon is high-tech from every angle. It has an advanced infrastructure. The place is much more fun and accommodating for people from different parts of the country. This further helps promote IT in here.

So, when it comes to the IT industry, Gurgaon compares better than Pune in terms of IT industry.

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But then this doesn’t mean that if you want IT jobs, you should rush to Gurgaon! There are plenty of factors you should consider in the process. Moreover, Pune does have IT jobs – some of the better and high-paying ones even.

It’s the same Bangalore vs. Delhi. Bangalore is the IT hub of this country. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice for all who are looking for IT jobs.

So, do your research properly based on multiple critical factors. Just because a city has more of “something” doesn’t mean it’s an ideal choice even if you want that “something”.

Hope this answer adds value.


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