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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Entertainment

How parents should deal with their children-s bad result?


Blogger | Posted on

I think I am appropriate individual to respond to this inquiry. So here goes my answer.


Some foundation: I had tutoring from Telugu medium and I sought after confirmation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


First year: 65 % and paased


Second year: 64 % and passed


Third year: 78% and 1 subject fizzled.


Here comes the real scene: I was dumbstruck subsequent to seeing my outcome and afterward I cameback with my marksheet. I had offered marksheet to my dad and in the wake of seeing the imprints he was so happy(he can't comprehend english so despite the fact that "fizzled" was there on marksheet he was cheerful by taking a gander at marks. At that point I revealed to him that I fizzled. He admonished me like anything other than my mom was quiet. In any case, I had never allowed him to reprimand me again


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Focuses to be noted:


1. Face it. What ever happens let it happen simply face it


2. Try not to give any vows to them that you will be effective.


3. Accomplish something important and shock them. You can't envision how much glad they will be. I had that experience and it was the best snapshot of my life.


students | Posted on

Yes to an extent any child’s academic results shape his career, but getting good results does not guarantee success. All you need to do is make your conceptual base strong, this way you can achieve something bigger in life.

So, if your child at any time doesn’t score well then don’t panic, just calm yourself and… try to discuss with him/her, the reason because of which the score slipped down and sought out a solution rather than scolding. Ask your child to plan and then prepare rather than just hitting on preparation without setting any goal. You can always refer to some life motivation videos by Prof Vipin Joshi to stay motivated in all the difficult situations.


Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

Result is not a medium to a better future, but it surely is a medium to get rank in school and make teachers and parents feel proud.If your child is not able to score well sometime,never just scold your child harshly. There are several ways by which you can console them and get their better results the next time.

What can you do:

● Focus on the good:
Appreciate your child on which he/she is good at. Never just focus in the flaws. Give them rewards for their good work. Focus on the better things which they e can do. Never make them feel low and depressed.

● Help them when they need you: 
Provide them with the coaching. Make them study at home with you, in front of your eyes. Clear their doubts politely, don't scold them, make them feel comfortable while studying with you.Try to find out better ways of teaching ,like in a fun manner not a boring one.

● Remind your child that no one is all perfect: 
Everyone has flaws ,no one is perfect. No one is good at everything. Do the things in which you are good at, make that your passion but don't neglect what you can't do. Always try to do what you can not,slowly and gradually you may become the master of the same too.