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Shubham Sharma

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How should I plan my 4 year in college (BTech, Computer Science)?


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B.Tech is quite a discussed topic in this forum as well as this nation. Every science student in Indian, who doesn't think of Biology, thinks of B.Tech. But the reality is that none of them actually knows what happens once they crack the entrance exam and takes admission in their favorite college.

If you are one of the people i am talking about then you are at the right place. Here i am going to write some tips that may help you planning the next few years of your B.Tech CSE life and that will give you a better perspective of what's coming ahead:

1.For the first year, Every B.Tech student has a very same syllabus. What CSE students must do at that time is to find more about their future subjects and start learning basics of them. Also in the first year, try to start building pattern and time table for studying as well as other activities.

2.Coming to the second year, your basic CSE subjects will now start to appear. Use this year to solidify your base and choose a language this same year to master. C, C++ or Python may be a great starter. Give your everything to complete this language in one year time.

3.Now in the third year, your core subjects will be introduced to you, attend all the classes and study these subjects very carefully as these are the subjects that will help you outside the college. Also this very year, start learning different languages too. Try languages that are new, complex or with future scope. Like go for java, ruby or swift.

4.Your final is year is actually a half semester only as other half is dedicated to the internship. So, in this semester start taking part in online coding challenge. Also start polish all your language and past subject skills. Look for the direction you want to head in life.

At last, just do what you really want to do. If you want to join an MNC or just start a new company, just believe your skillset and these 4 years will help you achieve everything in life.


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