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Kanika Malhotra

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How to avoid suicidal thoughts?


homemaker.blogger | Posted on

Do you know, suicidal thoughts and behavior are 20 times more frequent than the actual suicide? A recent study states that about 8 lakh people die due to suicide each year worldwide. Surprisingly these results are probably far lesser than the real ones. There are many unavoidable factors that lead to suicidal thoughts and behavior like, depression, social isolation, financial or job problems, relationship problems such as break up or loss, health issues, legal problems, child or sexual abuse, bullying, family history of suicide etc.


It’s not easy to prevent suicidal thoughts but finding relief is also not impossible. Always remember there are several things we can do to avoid such thoughts;

1) No problem is bigger than your life. You can definitely get through them. Have patience and don’t compare yourself with others because every person has a different battle to fight. Talk about your problems and pour your heart out to someone you trust or take professional help and support. There are many suicide prevention help lines and other organizations that can help you cope with the suicidal thoughts.

2) Take medication and help of healthcare providers or therapists if the problem worsens. They will help you in identifying early signs of danger and can assist you in better way. Never be late and feel shy in asking their help.
3) Meditate and keep yourself away from negative things that give suicidal thoughts. Avoid alcohol, drugs or other thing that make you impulsive.
4) Most important, always think about the people who genuinely love and care about you. Many people say suicide is permanent solution to temporary problems. No, it doesn’t end the pain; it just passes it to your loved ones forever.
Suicide can never be an option. Change your way of living and never think of quitting.


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