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How to burn 500 calories


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We all are well aware that excess calories are not good for our health. It welcomes several diseases. So it is always important to burn the excess calories to remain physically fit and energetic.

So do you want to burn 500 calories? Well, you can lose 500 calories within a very short period. You want to know how it is possible. Right? Well, it is not only possible but has already proved very effective.

Have you become overweight? Do you want to reduce fat and be in proper body shape by losing extra weight? All these are possible if you follow the exercises to burn 500 calories. But remember diet also plays an important role over here. Do not start eating less but try to consume healthy food. Rectify your diet chart as soon as possible.

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So let us move on to the exciting exercises:


Run more if you want to reduce calories fast. Yes, friends, this is the mantra you must remember if you want to lose weight. Let us take an example of a person whose weight is 160 pounds. He/she needs to run 8mph for an hour to burn 986 calories and 5mph for burning 584 calories. It is recommended to wear running shoes while running on the road or a treadmill. Do not run rigorously. Try to follow a specific method.


Look at the dancers in the TV dance reality shows. They remain fit because regular dance practices do not allow the excess calories to concentrate on your body.
Try to go for dance forms like Zumba and salsa. These dance forms help with the proper blood circulation of different parts of your body and enable you to burn 500 calories quickly.
If you practice such a dance form regularly for some time, you will not be required to go to the gym also.


Try to learn swimming from any trainer and practice swimming following the proper technique. This process helps your muscles to get tight and strong. Swimming is another best way to get rid of 500 calories in a possible short time. And gradually your belly fat starts disappearing.

Other than these, you can also practice brisk walking, weight lifting, and cycling for the fast removal of 500 calories out of your body.


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