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Sanya Chopra

Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted on | Health-beauty

How to cure yourself from early ageing?


Avid Reader | Posted on

I have no idea why people want to avoid aging. Isn't it good to age? Afterall how many people are able to live beyond a certain age. ....with every wrinkle, you are wiser and with every white hair, you are more experienced. 

I would never dye my hair. I loved Indira Gandhi's hair and look at Sharmila Tagore... She looks so graceful. 


Blogger | Posted on

We can't fix maturing, however we can make its best. We can forestall and delay numerous ailments and shortcomings, and we can confront the inescapable with a senior's beauty, appreciation, and fearlessness.

The quantity of value years we get the opportunity to appreciate varies for social, ecological and mechanical, just as close to home, reasons.

General wellbeing estimates, for example, sanitation, antibodies and anti-infection agents have presumably had the best effect on life span. A nearby second is the ascent of the social government assistance state. Neediness and imbalance are large executioners. It takes a town to help seniors.

After those come way of life and nourishment decisions. Eating heaps of lousy nourishment isn't an approach to live a long, sound and fundamental life. Being a habitually lazy person isn't suggested either. Nor is a poor me demeanor to the characteristic procedure of maturing.

I follow the counsel of a US success called Younger Next Year. It suggests some key arrangements of activities. One is to eat well. One is to practice energetically. One is to carry on with an existence of direction and importance.

I have attempted to follow every one of the three of those as well as could be expected. Up until this point (age 75), so great. No pills or medications. Dynamic socially, for the most part with individuals a lot more youthful than I am. As yet adding to the general wellbeing development as a volunteer and advisor.

Still ready to do energetic exercise. I'm going on a weeklong kayak trip in the Northern Ontario wild in about fourteen days, with a little assistance from the astonishing aides at Beautiful North.


Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

Who wants to look old early? No one. These days many therapies, effort and money that goes into making these celebrities look young and beautiful. 
There are several tips that can leave with more radiant skin texture:
  • Beauty sleep
For me the most important determinant of how I look (and feel) on a given day is how much sleep I get. Seven hours is my ideal, but everyone is different.
  • Never sleep with your face pressed towards pillow
Sleeping with face towards to pillow makes your face wrinkled as well as lethargic.
  • Use anti wrinkle serum
The appearance of your skin is largely dependent upon moisture. Help it out by using moisturizers to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Work with a professional to determine what type is best for you.
  • Drink lots of water
Hydrating your body is the most important thing to do, try to drink a glass of water just after you wake up. 
  • Don’t smoke Smoking 
Smoking is one of the easiest ways to look older than you really are and shorten your life at the same time. Avoid both primary and secondary smoke like the plague.
Use these tips to shine and look young