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How to decide correct logo design?


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There is no “correct” logo design.

Some of the world’s most recognized logos started with something different and then changed with time.

Here’s how Mozilla Firefox looked then and now… 

(Courtesy: Bored Panda)

(Courtesy: Bored Panda)

(Courtesy: Fortune)

From Pepsi and McDonald’s to FedEx and Visa – they all started with a different logo vs. what they have today.

Meaning, there’s no such thing as “correct logo design”. If there was, these big brands would have started with that “correct” and then would have never changed.


So, my very first advice is to stop looking for a “correct logo design” for your brand. Stop chasing the ‘perfect’.

Stop letting your need for perfection become an enemy of progress.

Think and come up with a relevant looking logo design. And then work with that.

As your brand grows and gets bigger, make minor changes in that logo to keep up with the progress.

There’s a great site Go there, make a simple logo. Here are a few tips:

• I really mean “simple”. Don’t over-complicate it. 
• A letter-based logo isn’t a bad idea. The name of your brand, in some good font, is your logo. Sweet, simple and easy-to-remember.
• Talking about easy-to-remember, make sure the logo is memorable. (Do you know the logo of Micromax? Now, do you know the logo of Apple? Exactly!)
• Don’t use too many colors.
• Make sure it stands for something; that it has a story.
• Look at your competitors. See the kind of logo they have. Take inspiration.
Just get started. Your logo design isn’t permanent – so don’t treat it that.

Come up with something and move forward. Make changes as your company grows and the scope of your brand expands.

And oh, here’s how the logo of Adobe was and is:

(Courtesy: Bored Panda)

Look at Audi’s:

(Courtesy: Bored Panda)

I hope this answer helps!


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