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How to Do Segway Tour With All Safety?


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All the thing that matters here is keeping it safe by correctly using it. So let’s grab some knowledge on how one can use a Segway safely.


1. User Manual:

People usually do not give User Manual that much of importance and throw it away. If you are a person who is using Segway Rental service or at home alone and trying to ride the segway alone then don’t. Before riding it we would recommend you to read the user manual first. Note all the points of using it in the right way in your brain. Follow this wiki how article if want to learn “How to Operate a Segway”.

2. Gear to Wear:

While riding a Segway try to wear clothes that cover your whole body. If not those then at least wear a helmet. You can go with these additional gears too to protect yourself from getting hurt.

    1. Knee and Elbow Padding
    2. Wrist Guard
    3. Eye Protective Glass
    4. Add light to it and wear high visibility clothes (If Segway ride at night is legal in your city)

3. Hold it:

Always have your feet firmly aboard and hold the handlebar gently. Do not try to perform any stupid act by leaving the handlebar. Never keep you one hand busy like carrying something, using the phone or any other way.

4. Abrupt Maneuvers:

Segway is able to detect your motion and balance. Also, it is built in a way to counter your movement to keep the vehicle balanced. But moving too much abruptly forward and backward can cause vehicle to get unbalanced. So you must follow some rules here: 

  • Don’t drive it too fast and try to lean a little at the turn.
  • Don’t start or stop Segway too quickly.
  • Don’t ride backward. It can balance itself while moving forward and the same goes for humans.

5. Take Warning Seriously:

Segway shows warning when you ride it too fast or start and stop it rapidly. It shakes the handle or leans back to show that you are crossing the limit. There are times when it shows warning:

  • Riding backward too fast.
  • Speeding up and Slowing down very rapidly.
  • Battery Low/ Need Maintenance

6. Stop Before Getting Off:

Do not get off from the Segway that is slow and trying to get balanced. If you do so it will continue to drive away from you and could hit someone or something.


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