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How To Perform Hotmail login?


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Follow the given steps below  :

 Step 1: Visit the Hotmail website: Here, you have to "sign in" or "sign up" with Windows Live and Hotmail address. If you already have a "Windows Live account", then you can click "Sign in" by clicking directly in the options on the right. If you do not already have an account, you will have to "Sign Up".

Step 2 : Fill in the information given on the sign up page: This is where you will have to set your email address. Also, some personal information and security information will have to be put here.

Step 3 : Fill in your personal information: This is the easiest part. In this, your name, date of birth and gender etc. have to be filled. It does not have to be very real. However, if you fill in the wrong information, then write it somewhere so that you can remember it. 
Create your account name: Fill in your chosen account name in Microsoft account name, and make sure @ at the end. Note: If you want to adopt your already used email address then you can use. Here, the name Hotmail Address is taken as an example.
Create a password: Create a case sensitive password of 8 words at work. The use of numbers is considered safe for safety. To create a good password one must use at least one capital letter along with the use of numbers.
Step 4 : Enter your address information: If you forget your password for any reason, then to avoid such situation, at least mention two methods of contact such as phone number and any additional email.
You can choose any security related question from the following options. Answer should be 5 characters long.
Step 5 : Tell who you are: Select the name of your country where you live and also enter your postal code.

Step 6 : Make sure that you are not a machine or robot: to prove that you have to cross the "Captcha lines" given by them, then somewhere you can sign in the user agreement and proceed to the account.

Step 7: Accept the Terms and Privacy Policy: At the end, some of Microsoft's terms and privacy policy are mentioned, which you have to agree by clicking "I agree". 

Step 8 :  Now you can log- in to your account: Now open the Hotmail website again and Log- in to your account.


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